Thai Health Promotion Foundation enlists a young boy and girl to find a light for a cigarette, soliciting from those who are already smoking. We are talking very little kids here, and as expected, every smoker approached says no and explains how bad smoking is for you. The children leave the smokers with a parting gift, a folded up piece of paper that reads, “You worry about me, but why not worry about yourself.” Nearly every smoker threw out their cigarette and tucked the brochure in their pocket.

Makes you think right? Mom! I’m talking to you.

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Welcome to the Uppernet.

Working for a SaaS company that leverages the power of cloud computing, I am familiar with a lot of weak attempts at explaining what the “Cloud” actually is. This amorphous image of a big fluffy air space floating around is almost the exact opposite of what cloud computing represents. Finally, Verizon’s Uppernet has hit the nail on the head by effectively communicating the previously elusive intangible concept.

“Our cloud is not soft and fluffy, our cloud is made of bedrock, concrete and steel. Our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats…and is scalable as far as the mind can see.” Well said. We couldn’t agree more over at Nextpoint. 

Watch the commercial here: Verizon Uppernet

These girls of the Amsterdam Red Light District definitely know how to grab your attention. I will let this PSA speak for itself. Great message, such a creative execution that really makes you think twice about being a sleazeball strolling the Red Light District. With over 1.5 million views in only two weeks, it’s a big win for organization Stop the Traffik and ad agency Duval Guillaume

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Everyone’s been talking about Dollar Shave Club. With over two million page views in its first four days on YouTube, impressive write ups from Time Business and The Huffington Post to name a few, I’d say this start up is well on its way to being a total success.

Easily the best line of the viral smash, “Do you think your razor needs a vibrating handle, a flashlight, a back-scratcher, and 10 blades?” Your handsome-ass grandfather had one blade AND polio.” Enlightened customer #67 says on the site’s homepage, “I save 100/yr on shaving now. Basically I’m a genius.” The campaign is clearly well integrated across social media platforms with already over 13,000 “likes” on Facebook and a little over 10,000 followers on Twitter.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, young CEO Michael Dubin explained his background prior to founding the company. “My passion is brand-building, digital marketing, and that’s kind of who I am. As for the video…I studied improv and sketch comedy in New York City at Upright Citizens Brigade for many years along with the gal who directed the video. Her name is Lucia Aniello. She and I met a long time ago and we moved out to L.A. independently and connected over this project. I wrote it, she directed it. I’ve always loved the intersection between business and art and this brand I’m building gives me a great opportunity to have a lot of fun and use a comedic voice.”

Dubin’s background in digital marketing and improv work seem to shed light on the company’s unique approach in the market. Not only is this an amazing idea (who doesn’t hate spending upwards of $15 on one razor), but a perfectly executed marketing campaign.

The UK’s popular liberal newspaper The Guardian has launched a new media campaign that is truly inspiring. There are so many nuances to this ad, I don’t even know where to begin. Follow the story of the three little pigs with a modern day twist to reveal an unexpected outcome with the help of citizen journalism and a look at the “whole picture.” This serious approach on a playful topic reminded me a bit of an old post I did on Canadian Ad Agency John St. and their Pink Ponies Case Study.


The Guardian wins twofold on this one. The ad itself is wonderfully executed, but also the fabled coverage within the ad perfectly demonstrates the Guardian’s ability to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of modern day journalism in a digital age. Well done.

If you can’t beat em join em, right?

Apple has made the smart decision to offer Brown University student Nicholas Allegra, and iPhone hacker extraordinaire, a chance to switch sides. More widely known by his hacker handle, Comex, Allegra is famously known for his piece of code JailBreakMe that frees up the iPhone user from all of the strict security measures Apple imposes on its devices–making the device completely customizable. Allegra’s most recent release of JailbreakMe 3 in July caused a frenzied panic over at Apple as they rushed to respond to the security opening, managing to fix it in just nine days. Nine days too late that is. 1.4 million people had already used the tool to jailbreak their gadgets in those nine days and more than 600,000 more since then.

Obviously, Apple needed to respond to this issue head on. A 19-year-old hacker living in his parents’ basement has repeatedly embarrassed their iOS software’s security– it was time for Apple to throw in the towel, swallow their pride, and offer the youngster a shot at working for the good guys. Maybe it’s just me, but if I could hack the iPhone system in mere minutes I would be looking for a lot more than a measly internship in exchange for my secrets…just a thought.

UPDATE : Lady Gaga and her little monsters show off their moves for Google Chrome. Not nearly as emotional, but still equally inspiring.

Dear Sophie,

You have the most adorable dad on the planet. Although I am a sucker for just about anything and tear up from greeting cards- this Google Chrome spot is incredibly touching and no doubt made me teary eyed. “Dear Sophie” is the first spot in Google’s largest offline campaign ever.

Props Google Chome- this was one of those rare ads that give you goosebumps and hit that emotional chord millions strive to hit.


Speaking of emotional- here’s their second spot called “It Gets Better.” Already boasting over 170,000 YouTube views, this spot tells the story through Google Chrome of the It Gets Better project for LGBT teens facing harassment. This one will really make your eyes well up.

The audience for hangover cures isn’t exactly those reading the latest pharmaceutical information or looking at medical advertising and Lisbon agency Lowe Ativism took note of that. And so was born the Hangover Monster. This idea is brilliant and literally brings the campaign to life. As you might have guessed, the Hangover Monster is on a rampage across Portugal making the lives of hungover people a living hell.

The only way to kill the monster? Have a Guronsan.

This video below features the back story on why the Hangover Monster was created and how he has quickly risen to monster stardom.


The first spot below is simple yet very clever and fortunately in this case-understandable in every language.


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Speaking of phones…thank you BBDO Atlanta for the “Hands” campaign boasting AT&T’s worldwide coverage. Winner of “America’s favorite magazine ad,” this campaign is as clever as it is breathtaking. Check out a behind-the-scenes look of the making of the “hands.”

Competing with Verizon’s release of the iPhone, T-Mobile is giving away free phones with a two year contract as a Valentine’s Day promotion. You are probably wondering what’s the catch…but they are actually giving away some pricy phones. For example, they are giving away the HTC HD7 which normally costs $499 and the Garmin-Asus Garminfone’s which is normally priced at $449. It will be interesting to see how this promotion does against the iPhone release with Verizon– Mashable asks “What do you fancy more: a Verizon iPhone or a free HTC HD7? Or are you perhaps inclined to wait for the iPhone 5?” Good question…

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