New York Times article entitled, “Why European Ads are More Amusing,” highlights the main differences between American and European advertising and why European advertising is more entertaining. The article begins by referencing the shock American visitors have when faced with European advertising. I fully agree with the article’s perspective on European vs. American advertising. European advertisements utilize more original techniques and have a distinctly different tone. European ads address consumers as intelligent people with minds of their own, while many American campaigns use a hard-sell approach with less focus on entertainment.

The article attributes the distinct differences in advertising to the surge of new brands in America. According to the article,”The most entertaining, amusing, intelligent, stylish and relaxed advertising is unquestionably the sort that relies on motivating arguments. But this strategy is suitable only for wide-selling brands that do not have too many competitors. This kind of advertising can afford to be soft, generic and emotional, like many European ads.”

Unfortunately, for many American brands, the advertising climate is crowded and highly competitive, leaving little room to stand out.  This forces American advertising to be hard-edged, brand-specific and more factual.

The article concludes with an interesting prediction; when European consumer markets grow closer  in age to those in the United States, this same trend in advertising will be adopted by Europe. Would this mean the end to the quirky, dry humored ads that define European advertising? I hope not.