Sex does sell, and Diesel’s new Spring campaign is using it. The campaign, which first caught my attention when I was visiting Amsterdam, pushes the sexual envelope. Amsterdam’s red light district is a perfect location for this ad campaign, but is it appropriate for other places?

The tagline reads, “Sex Sells…*Unfortunately We Sell Jeans.” As you can see, the provocative images work to grab your attention, while the words SEX SELLS plastered across the image poke fun at the concept of using sex to sell products. The campaign treats the audience as an intelligent consumer able to recognize advertising tricks, such as using sex to sell a product. The campaign is getting a lot of attention, good and bad.

Diesel’s recent campaign, Be Stupid, had a similar feel aesthetically, but in my opinion wasn’t as well thought out. The Sex Sells campaign is perfect for their desired consumers and goes well with their brand image. The guerrilla marketing aspects of the campaign are my favorite. Take a look at the two videos below to see what I’m talking about….


-Reminiscent of the Red Light District in Amsterdam and the caged up prostitutes lined up for blocks?