Finally, Allstate has joined the ranks of State Farm, Geico, Progressive and Nationwide as it ventures toward a humorous approach to the already serious and boring topic of insurance. Allstate’s new “Mayhem” campaign uses spokesperson, Dean Winters, to represent unexpected mayhem coming your way. Although Allstate’s dependable “are you in good hands” spokesperson Dennis Haysbert is not out of the picture, Winter’s does a great job with his new role as a villain.

Dean’s character’s include: A typical teenage girl, a puppy who ate your backseat, a hot babe out jogging, a wild deer, a random wind storm, and the key against your side door. Unfortunately, my favorite “a hot babe out jogging,” does not have a full version available online. However, there is only a quick clip that can be found on the Mayhem site homepage. Take a look below for a compilation of the new TV spots.

For a more detailed look at the campaign, check out this The New York Times article.