Fast acting Impact BBDO Beirut, Lebanon has just released this clever ad for client Pepsi. The quickly produced ad was created in light of Paul the psychic octopus and his World Cup predictions.

Paul has correctly predicted Germany’s wins over Argentina, England, Australia and Ghana and the country’s loss to Spain and Serbia.

The two year old invertebrate has quickly risen to fame, already with a Wikipedia page and over 40 Google Pages worth of information

The most entertaining coverage of Paul’s predictions surrounded what was arguably his most controversial pick. Paul’s selection of Spain over Germany in the semi-finals caused a lot of stir with German fans. The report ends with the announcer confirming, “There is no truth to the rumor that if Paul turns out to be right this time he could end up on the sushi menu.”

Although Paul has become über famous, nothing can distract him.

“Paul is such a professional oracle — he doesn’t even care that hundreds of journalists are watching and commenting on every move he makes,” said Stefan Porwoll, the Oberhausen Sea Life aquarium manager.

With Paul’s perfect record, millions watched live as the octopus chose the winner for the final match coming up on Sunday Thankfully, Paul went straight to the Spanish flag box. Sorry Dutch, I realize you have never won the World Cup, but the oracle has spoken.

See below for the highly anticipated moment.