The Evian Roller Babies viral campaign broke the world record for the most viewed online advertisement in history last year with over 100 million views. This online exclusive campaign has finally made its way into your living room. TV spots have started running in Los Angeles and New York this week. The interesting part is that the campaign was supposed to be strictly online (for the U.S.), but because of the overwhelming popularity they have expanded to TV.

The Website created for the campaign is AMAZING. You can calculate your “youth quotient” as the adorable video plays on the top half of the screen. The campaign also does a great job with integration via Facebook and on  Evian’s home site.

The wildly successful viral videos show how video ads no longer have to be subject to the insane cost for television spots- they can simply be uploaded to YouTube for free. I have a feeling this model of introducing video ads via YouTube to measure the success will become increasingly popular. Take a look at the video below to see how lovable these roller babies really are.