After I came across Russia’s newest promotion for Palmolive via The Denver Egoist, I decided to investigate if Russia was the only market dishing out scandalous marketing strategies for Palmolive. Turns out that’s not the case. Here’s a very brief look at Palmolive’s marketing through the years.

The first commercial posted below was aired in the United States in 1987 and features young girls who “can feel it” in 7 days. Doesn’t scream sex, but definitely has some sexual undertones.


This second commercial was aired in Venezuela in 1990. It’s really just a naked woman rubbing soap on her body singing.

Finally, Palmolive’s most recent promotional tactic proves Russia victorious as the most blatant use of sex to sell Palmolive. A beautiful woman showers in public with Palmolive….That aside, it was eye catching and literally stopped people in their tracks.


Hard to believe these were some of their first print advertisements?