First of all- way to go Pack. I’m not the biggest football fan,  but being in Madison when the Packers won was quite the experience.

The Super Bowl commercials this year were pretty impressive- my top picks go to Chevy, Doritos, Pepsi Max, Volkswagen, Bud Light, and CarMax.

Biggest flops? I’m going to have to go with, no big surprise there and Groupon’s Tibet spot– which was pretty controversial and questionably offensive.

See the spots below.








Pepsi Max





Bud Light




For all the master hackers out there- Google challenges you to exploit a security vulnerability in their Google Chrome system. If you succeed you will receive $20,000 plus a free lap top. This publicity stunt apart of the Pwn2Own hacking contest is quite clever–but also risky. This better be a damn good system.So far so good- no hacks yet after day one of the challenge. Good luck hackers.

Via Mashable


The commercial that caused quite a stir has now earned Lane Bryant over 43 million in earned media…their secret? Rejection. When ABC and Fox refused to air the ad because it was “too sexy” featuring a plus size model, Lane Bryant fired back and called them out on their blatant double standard. With Victoria’s Secret ads and many other suggestive moments airing on the networks, Lane Bryant was unfairly turned down. The video above shows just how powerful earned media can be and how far a little luck can take you. Touché Zimmerman and Lane Bryant- you win.

Be sure to watch until the end, or at least skip to it- Jay Leno’s video compilation says it all.

Via Ads of the World

Yahoo pits neighborhoods against each other with it’s newest out of home campaign in San Francisco combining social gaming and competition.  These newly installed interactive 72-inch touch screens at bus stops keep commuters busy with four addictive games. The winning neighborhood gets an OK Go concert featured in their neighborhood. This is a great way to get people interacting with the brand- catching them at a perfect time. Very clever. Stay tuned for the winner announced in two months- I’m rooting for my old neck of the woods, pick it up Marina. Via AdFreak.

Canadian ad agency john st. is brilliant. Enough said.

Via Tumblr, there are some things real people never say about advertising. This site pokes fun at the jargon agencies often use and the hopeful outcomes small changes like a font may have on the brand or product. Very true and very hilarious.

Although November is coming to a close, in honor of mustache month this campaign is spot on. Courtesy of Ads of the World and agency TBWA/SingaporeMustaches Make a Difference. This clever campaign for a cause raises the idea that without this distinguishing feature draped across the upper lip, these men would have been simply men, not the iconic figures they are today.


Just came across graffiti billboards via Adfreak and felt it a crime not to share.

People’s nice little additions give the billboards character to say the least. As Buzzfeed put’s it, “40 Billboards Improved by Graffiti.”

Dear PlayStation,

Thank you for Kevin Butler. In his most recent spot he moves in with the McGuire’s as they test out their new PlayStation Move . The best part is how he “already tweeted it.”


Motion gaming is only for kids? I don’t think so. PlayStation Move get’s epic.


In an earlier spot for PS3 following the “Dear PlayStation” model, this desperate dad watches his family get charmed by Kevin Butler.


The new Nissan Leaf commercial features a polar bear on a journey to give a bear hug to a Nissan Leaf driver, thanking him for doing his part in helping the planet.

It’s especially adorable when the polar bear is playing with a butterfly.  Take a look…


Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the commercial.