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UPDATE : Lady Gaga and her little monsters show off their moves for Google Chrome. Not nearly as emotional, but still equally inspiring.

Dear Sophie,

You have the most adorable dad on the planet. Although I am a sucker for just about anything and tear up from greeting cards- this Google Chrome spot is incredibly touching and no doubt made me teary eyed. “Dear Sophie” is the first spot in Google’s largest offline campaign ever.

Props Google Chome- this was one of those rare ads that give you goosebumps and hit that emotional chord millions strive to hit.


Speaking of emotional- here’s their second spot called “It Gets Better.” Already boasting over 170,000 YouTube views, this spot tells the story through Google Chrome of the It Gets Better project for LGBT teens facing harassment. This one will really make your eyes well up.


For all the master hackers out there- Google challenges you to exploit a security vulnerability in their Google Chrome system. If you succeed you will receive $20,000 plus a free lap top. This publicity stunt apart of the Pwn2Own hacking contest is quite clever–but also risky. This better be a damn good system.So far so good- no hacks yet after day one of the challenge. Good luck hackers.

Via Mashable